Sunday, March 8, 2009

siapa tak kenal cinderella,angkat tangan!

i was in my Writ class when my tutor asked everyone to choose a fairytale to be the example for our narrative lesson,somebody said Cinderella!!!!!alright....and i was like,OK...whateverr...petang2 gini energy kurang..lagi-lagi ngah puase ni....i didn't talk to much today as i tried to save my energy to walk back home...i kept silence...not responding to the Cinderella thingy.....

then,i heard the tutor said,"so,everyone have the idea about Cinderella,right??Everyone's familiar with that fairytale,huh??" while her eyes quietly gazing at me...and so were the others....

owh!!mentang-mentang la korang semua kiwi dalam class tu and ak sorang budak melayu,korang ingat aku x kenal Cinderella???!!!!!!cet!

"Of course Grace!!!" i said dengan bangga nya...=D


  1. wawawa..sooo funny..
    apela mentaliti diorg..u go girl..martabatkn cecekgu melayu..lolzz~

  2. hahaha sng2 ati je diorg ingt ko xtaw!
    ko stdy kt mne?

  3. hehe..u r more like an ugly duckling...siapa sangka akhirnya bertukar mnjadi swan yg plg lawa :)