Thursday, December 31, 2009

love is a four letter word

i'm watching 'LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD''s a movie and im falling in love with the title..

owh.and there goes the kissy kissy part..tetibe wan cakap,'oi!dah la tu!'haha...

anyways..2009 has finally come to the end..woohoo..!!


Monday, December 28, 2009

when he's gone and i'm here alone


this may be something old and outdated to be my latest entry.

i've asked some people on what they think about papadom,the movie. i've asked my bestfriends and some of my relatives about it.and they said,it was ok.but i think it's something more than ok..and i salute afdlin for that.

for people like me,like my family,like us who had lost someone precious, the guy of the family, might see this movie in a different way...

i remembered when i was in NZ, i talked to my mum on the phone and she told me she went to watch papadom twice at the cinema..and she said,"kakak tengok cerita tu mesti kakak teringat ayah.."and i was really touched.yes i did,really.

and i dont know why am i writing this entry..and since when did i become a is actually my late father's birthday..and sitting alone here makes me thinking about him and realize how much i miss him...



tadi rajin..membantu wan di dapur..tibe2 wan cakap pasal langsir..

"nak beli langsir dapur baru lah"

"belilah wannnn.."

"tulah tu..nak pegi nokia tu tah bile2 tah.."

i dalam hati,"nokia??" tapi diam jee..

wan sambung lagi,"pakcu cakap langsir murah.tak ada sape nak bawak ni.bile lah dapat gi nokia ni nak beli langsir ni..."

i jadi lagi blur.."nokia?nokia ape wan??"

" lah!!nokia!"

berkerut-kerut dahi i.."nokia bende...?"

"nokia lah!!yang ibu kau beli pinggan mangkuk tu!"

"hahaha..IKEA lah wan!bukan NOKIA!nokia tu telefon wan tulah nokia..!"

"manolah den taw...hik3.."

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

bisnes kecil kecilan

lamenye tak update!lamenye lamenye lamenye...
ini kerane sedang enjoy 'life-with-nothing-to-do' semase holiday iniii...
rutin harian:tido-makan-jalan jalan-tengok tv-surf tenet-berangan-tido balik.

been thinking about selling some pre-loved items..kini sedang menggodek2 gobok a.k.a almari so that at least,other than duet asik kuar kerana shoping boley lah buat income cket nak beli cikedies cokolat cikedies cokolat buat makan sambil boring boring tengok tv kat rumah..

zzz..anywayzzzz,will be putting those items in a few more days ..thank you..