Tuesday, March 3, 2009

first day at school..

it was monday..and it was 2 days ago..

it was my very first day in Victoria University..i'm having classes today!yeay!
as it was my first day, i decided not to burden myself by walking up the hilly-willy to the Kelburn Campus..so,i went out at 830am and took a bus..i missed the first bus..and i waited for the next one to come..there was a bus..full!no way!it was 835am..nevermind.i'll wait..i told myself if there's no bus coming in next 10 minutes, i'll be running to the cable car station..thank god..there's a bus..bus no 17..arrived at kelburn at 850am and my class will be starting in 10 minutes..i rushed to the Hunter Building to find the 220 room..

Alhamdulillah i made it...there was no tutor..and i sat beside a kiwi..his name is craig..i guess that's how he spells it..it was Linguistics class and the tutor's name is Averil Coxhead..she's funny and entertaining...it's nice to have that kind of tutor..

the class finished and then we all went to separate ways..khirol and i went to see jonathan regarding our elective course and yes!i am in Writ 101..that's a one good course where i can improve my writing..and i went to see annete to confirm some changes in my timetable..we were starving..we met some seniors and they brought us to the Illot cafe in the campus..

i have class at 3..and it was just 12...owh..!we have a meeting with the Learning Centre people..Laila and the other one..at one..

when it was almost three we went to the class that we were supposed to be in for Writ 101..my class was actually at 10am,at first..but Vivien sent me an email telling me that my class has changed to 3-5pm on monday and 3-4pm on thursday!now i don't have a free thursday..i am supposed to be free on that day..

there was a name list on the door..there's Hasbullah,Nadzirah,Ain,Bee Fei and Kirol!!kirol has already gone back at that time because i remembered he told me that he's free today..and my name was not there...how come!kecoh2 sesame sendiri...and suddenly a gypsy like woman came and showed us another list...i rolled my eyes and there's my name!but why am i the only Malay..my friends have got some of malay in the same class....nak xnak kena pegi...suddenly i feel lonely...not knowing what will i be in that class...

i stepped into the class and there's the tutor...Grace Miller.. there was an australian, a girl from hong kong, a guy from Maldives and most of them are the Kiwis..ak sesat sini sorang...as usual,the ice breaking and the soal dan jawab...but it turns out that the class was great...i don't mind being the only Malaysian in that class...

my class finished at 5...i waited for my friends..semua class dah habis and it's the end of the day...and i saw khirol with a stressed looking face walking towards me with some others...he got pissed off because he didn't even knew that his class was changed...dah balik da tukar baju pakai short je...

"fatin,aku stress kene pegi kelas terkejut..jom tgk muvee.."yeah,movie...owh.we got a free movie voucher because we won the scavenger hunt yesterday...sumpah penat!nasib baik menang..dapat no 1...=p

yep!we went to the movie..pegi makan dulu kat Cinta...lapar...i ordered the king prawn tom yam soup with rice....nasi kat cinta ni sgt la banyak..
everytime pegi mesti makan half je..lagi half tapau bwk balek...tapi arini tak tau jin ape merasuk...licin!for the first time habis!amazing....

then,we met bee fei and nad..and they joined us for the movie...we watched Changeling...movie yang Jolie juih (bak kata neleh) tu belakon...it was a very5 super nice movie...true story and it was very sad...boley masuk my all time favourite list ni..

and that's my first day at school...cheers!

***i miss semua orang...arini pas clas gi jalan2 sorang2 kat Lambton Quay (one of the shopping place in wellington) singgah Borders bace buku duk kat ceruk sorang2...hehe..
esok boley gi sambung lagi bace novel kat sane...***

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  1. Boleh x aku baru tau psl entry ni? gila lapuk aku tertinggal hahaha