Tuesday, March 10, 2009

vote for kitty..

Today's poll


Is a $500 fine too little for killing a cat?

i found this when i was browsing the net...i voted and i said yes...
yes,it's a must for people who kills a cat purposely...its too cute to be killed...but what about people who accidentally hit them when they're driving or something??will they get charged too...for killing a cat??I've found so many dead cat on the road when i was in malaysia....my tummy started to tingle when i saw one...poor kitty...but so far..since i came to wellington a few weeks ago,i'd never seen any stray cat wondering around the neighbourhood...there were only cats who got tag on their neck with a name on it...cute and cuddly...i wish i had taken their photos...and anyway, people here can be said as very protective towards cats..and maybe that's why someone suggested to give a fine to people who kills cat...that is a one good thing...
cats should be loved..

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