Friday, July 31, 2009


i learnt something about life.
you know, in life we can never depend on others.
yeah.people said friends and family to be the shoulders that we can lean on.
but to a certain extent, they cant be one.
they have other things to do, other people to focus on,they have just so many reasons and make us feel like being abandoned.being thrown away in a place, somewhere we can never imagine.
that's life can be cruel sometimes and we can just accept that.
there's nothing we can do about that.
but sometimes, that's just what we called karma.
what goes around comes around.
something we did to others, and now it's happening to us...the circle of life.we can never understand why and how.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

kisah stafford dan wireless nye.

smlm, i excited sorang2 atas katil bile lappy kesayangan berjaya men-connect ke 'staffordnet' dengan jayenye...akhirnye stafford house dah ada wireless...actually baru 2 weeks ade wireless kat cni.sadis.selama ni i gune kabel je...seret wayar kabel yg membebankan tu ke sane ke mari...internet pon boleh pakai dalam bilik je lah, dah pakai kabel.

sekarang, kau nak meniarap,menelentang,mengiring kat depan pintu, kat koridor, kat dapur even dalam toilet pon boleh you!i gembira!=))

yg lagi i excited, wireless nye sgt laju!buffer youtube x perlu ditunggu..bile click terus page terbukak..i lap u lah stafford..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


it's always a good thing to make someone's day..
and someone did it to me just now and i just can't stop smiling right now..
the person said,
"even though it's a cloudy day, your face is so bright and sunny..."

thank you for making my day...=))
thank you for making me smile after i spent one night doing the confusing narrative task and slept at 3..

smile-smile-smile-big smile..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

there's been a death in the opposite house

time is hard.time is short.too many things to do.yet, so little time that i have.

ini baru pelajar universiti..every week will be a disaster for me.i can say, hell.tak mahu tengok planner.nanti jadi mengong.
every week ada task pening kene submit...wtwccmdeytdvfqvwf!
tak apa..ini baru pelajar universiti..=)

dengan beban-beban yang berat kat dalam kepala ni,siang tadi i tunggu bus...two blocks from my stafford house,there's a church..normally,nobody goes there..not even once, i see someone walks into or walks out from the little church..never.
but today, for the very first time, i saw people coming out from the church.
not just a person.there were too many of them..
and i saw coffin.a coffin.yes, a keranda..i jalan dan jalan towards the bus stop...while my eyes, cant stopped looking at the crowd..everyone's wearing black...and there i saw a middle aged woman crying, sobbing and there's a guy, hugging her tightly to his chest...

i can see she's crying over her lost..
her beloved..
maybe her husband's in the coffin that i just saw..
or maybe her daughter..or her son..or her mom..or her dad..

and i sat there...looking at them..
feeling numb...
and before i realise...
i was crying...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i decided..

1. pagi tadi bangun awal.buat bekal.decided nak berjimat cermat and try to minimize penggunaan duet.jadi, tersedia lah satu tupperware berisi roti ngan cheese and sebotol air. nak bawak bekal gempak2 belom ready lagi.

2. hari ni jugak, i decided untuk change something. i will not give a damn to moody people anymore. cam haram nak bad mood- bad mood depan aku. tidak akan ku kisah lagi selepas ini.buat apa kamu mahu.

3. habis lecture, rakan bertanya, mahu tonton harry potter??oh tidak!!pastilah jawapannye yes!baru merancang berjimat cermat,tapi at last..i decided not to..for today.tapi bekal masih makan.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


people says,life is just not about's about others,about everyone around you..

but what if you naturally cant think of anyone other than yourself?
what will happen if you keep thinking about other people's thought?
what they might say about you?
will it brings you down?
will it makes you feel lonely in a crowd?
desperately avoiding yourself from everyone?

you see people laughing.happily talking.making conversation.poking and hugging each others.
dont you want to be among them?be with them?

just some questions that you might have to's like candies.enjoy them while they're still sweet.