Wednesday, May 20, 2009


it's been a long long time since i last wrote my entry in bahasa orang puteh...i guess it's just coz' i'm getting bored with the whole assignment things and i have to write thousands of words and i always feel like pulling my brain out reading all those litle typing in a dull-covered heavy big book..maybe that's the reason i wrote in bahasa ibunda..i think.

and...oh,i just came back from watching night at the museum 2!!it'a premier..yes,i'm back-dated..whattodo...even twilight has just becomes a hit this couples of months,probably 2-3 months ago...and there are some school girls walking around wearing shirts 'I LOVE EDWARD'...and i watched that like last year..friends and cousins,you really have to keep me updated here,please...........

OH!about the free ticket, it's actually a fund-raising program for the polio kids..and all the money from the tickets sold will be somekind of charity for those kids...and the always-excited Annete, bought 10 tickets and announced a competition..give two actors from the movie..there'll be a lucky draw...and guess what?my name was the first on the list!for the very first time in my life, i won a lucky draw...jump2!! i'm not that excited..but still, thanks!!

and...the movie was it..we had bubble tea after that...hell...a big mistake..a bubble this weather???5 degrees,raining,windy?

now, i need to warm myself up..damn, they shut off the heater.

the end.

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