Thursday, January 8, 2009

this girl..

Feels like writing a long one today….but what aa???

Let’s just see how I write this junk, with the title..... “This Girl”….

On the 6th of July in 1988, a girl was born. This girl brought a lot of happiness to a quite newlywed couple (not so new.2 years I guess…). Their first child. The symbol of their eternal love. The little baby cried as a sign “I’m here, world!” the father gently held the little baby close to him and softly reciting the azan to the baby. They then together with all the family members keep wishing and praying that the girl will grow up becoming a good human.

Day after day, and years after years, the girl has turned to be a smart little girl. The mother taught her how to read well, write and do some simple arithmetic and once she mastered those three skills, the parents sent her to the kindergarten. “Be nice”, the mother told her daughter before leaving her with that new surrounding. In the classroom, the teachers were so nice and good to her. However, there was one thing which upset her. She sat beside a girl; H. H’s mother and this girl mother are best friends. H is very moody and she always showed up to school with a face full of tense. At first, this girl always tried to speak to H nicely but always they ended up fighting. In the end, this girl made a decision. Hate the H and never speak to her anymore.

Luckily, there were two boys who sat in front of them. The three of them become the best of friends. A couple of months passed. This girl was getting bored with the kindergarten and decided not to go anymore. At first, her mother was so pissed off and she locked the girl in the toilet. Finally, the mother understood and the girl grows up without a kindergarten certificate and a photo of a little girl holding a scroll.

2 years passed without the kindergarten life. The girl stepped into primary one and she was so excited to wear the school uniform, white shoes and carries a big bag, but that time, we had easy bag, easier to carry. In the school, she met again with the boys and surprisingly, they’re in the same class. And so, the crazy and exciting life of the primary school kids began. Running around the school field everyday during recess time, having the mee goreng special which only limited to some number of student (of course they had to run for it, first come, first serve basis), joined the school tournaments, joined the clubs and society and get elected, makes some good friendssss, standing on the chair outside the classroom, get called into the headmaster’s room for selling the name card and not telling it to the mother until now (seriously), do some pranks and got busted and that was how the primary kids have their life.

Everything needs changes. Six years later, this girl and her friends became more matured and were preparing for the next step of their life. The girl was accepted to be in the boarding school. Her life changed. No more parents to nag at her everyday and make sure she does her works, no more running in the field with her friends during recess, and no more long evening nap. Iron her own clothes; wash her own clothes and everything on her own. But anyway she still feels excited. The experience and memories that she had spending five years away from home were so precious and she believes that those memories cannot be gained anymore in other place or in other times.

The secondary school life ended. It was the best time in the girl’s life. Being adolescence is great. The stage between infancy and adultery is where somebody has to decide whether to rebel or to conform. Adolescence has to know the right decision to make. The same goes for this girl. There were times she rebels and there were times she conforms. Maybe it is true as the saying goes, “The best substitute for experience is being sixteen”.

And now, after finishes her school, she was offered for a twinning program for four years and is getting prepared to go abroad. She is a future teacher in the making and she is still trying to learn this life. This girl is me, FatinNurhuda bt Midzan.


  1. now this girl has a blog too ek....comel gle cite

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    hihi... jgn mare ye cik fatin...

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