Thursday, January 1, 2009

my 2009 resolutions

I tend not to be very big into resolutions but i decided to make an exception for this 2009..furthermore, i'm becoming 21 and i believe there are so much great things that are waiting for, i took sometimes to think and list down my 2009 resolutions..let's just see how it gets going forward...

my 2009 resolutions are...::

blog more often
i need to put on some weight

be positive about almost everything
learn to forgive and forget
bungee jumping!!!! (i need to overcome my fear of heights!)
learn to be more talkative-I'm a teacher to be
make more friends when studying broad
travel all around new zealand and australia
make more money-money-money!
be more independent
be more organized when it comes to solving problems and financial
more exercise
i want to learn how to cook
i will keep live up to these resolutions


  1. good luck with that bungee thingy cousin.. Big love ♥

  2. ouch!!!adik!!!!kamu mahu bungee jumping!!hahaha~~~

    u come to ausie, stay at my place okeh?!
    mish u!!!!!!

    love love love.