Saturday, April 18, 2009

what did i do today??

after realizing that my day had not been so good,i decided to make a list of things that i've done today..just so i know whether there is any good thing come out of it or maybe not..=)

i top up my internet..
it may be a good thing because i just thought i may be need my internet by the weekend to start off my assignment..and i want to skype with my family..=)
CONCLUSION: a good start

i skyped with my family..
missin' them a lot!!really need to skype..
CONCLUSION: i miss my,why not?

i cleaned my room..
after coming back from rotorua past few days, finally got the parcel from Malaysia,and a lot of laundry thingy to be done..i really need to clean the mess up..there's no doubt that this activity brings good to me..LOL.
CONCLUSION: everyone needs a clean environment

i watched Slumdog Millionaire..
finally!finally!the best movie for the time being..the slumdog really puzzled and amazed go boy!
CONCLUSION: i should've watch it later..coz now i will never read the book because i already know the story..sigh~~no good

discussion with my housemates regarding our linguistic assignment..
everyone knows this is good..=)
CONCLUSION: the best thing to do today

i wrote this entry..
i dont know why i did this but i'm happy doing it..=D
CONCLUSION: as long as i will be happy =)

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