Thursday, March 25, 2010

a reminder for me and for you

hi dear people who read this!
i've always been amazed by bloggers who use their blog to send out the meaningful messages which can make anyone who reads it started to think..but i don't like the fact that people use their blog to downgrade the others...people,it's not a good thing to do. even though i know it's your blog, your page and you can write your heart out,i mean anything..but, don't you think it's a bit immature and a bit lame when you say something bad about others in your page?don't you think it will creates a bad impression about you for your readers?you write..and people read..people usually remember what they read,you know...and even if you write with good intention,but i learn that people interpret things differently..they might get the wrong idea of what you are writing..some people may not realise this,but I do...peace!

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