Thursday, March 25, 2010


okay..3 posts in one night..
what am i?a blog maniac??
am just a girl with nothing to do,at the moment...
im inneed of a sweet-mucho-mucho-muvee right now..

owh..and last night i watched Alice in the wonderland..hoho..i've never been a big fan of alice.well, i think that's because i've been blinded by my forever-time-favourite. the beauty and the beast...and i think,Alice was quite a good fantasy that i can carry along to my know,as a dream?i don't want to have bad dreams anymore..

the other day,i watched Legion.Alone. and it turned out, that night i dreamed about a 'nenek' grabbing my leg and it was soooooooooooo ftw was so real and i think i could die in terror...noo..i kept thinking about it few days afterward..

but hey.dreams are just dreams..i hope i'll have a good-sweet-romantic-dream i can wake up with a smile tomorrow.


  1. Mimpikan ibu peluk kakak tdo ekk......sweet dreams akak!

  2. i love dream! hehe..
    nnt nk tgk gak citer alice in wonderland ni!