Sunday, July 12, 2009


people says,life is just not about's about others,about everyone around you..

but what if you naturally cant think of anyone other than yourself?
what will happen if you keep thinking about other people's thought?
what they might say about you?
will it brings you down?
will it makes you feel lonely in a crowd?
desperately avoiding yourself from everyone?

you see people laughing.happily talking.making conversation.poking and hugging each others.
dont you want to be among them?be with them?

just some questions that you might have to's like candies.enjoy them while they're still sweet.


  1. uhu..i guess life will be so hard if we keep thinking about others,their thouhts n so on, n sumtimes we have to be selfish just to get ourselves free from all those unnecessary live life to the fullest,b ourselves n do appreciate people around us while they r still there..

  2. smiling is one of the ways to appreciate people around us......