Tuesday, July 21, 2009

there's been a death in the opposite house

time is hard.time is short.too many things to do.yet, so little time that i have.

ini baru pelajar universiti..every week will be a disaster for me.i can say, hell.tak mahu tengok planner.nanti jadi mengong.
every week ada task pening kene submit...wtwccmdeytdvfqvwf!
tak apa..ini baru pelajar universiti..=)

dengan beban-beban yang berat kat dalam kepala ni,siang tadi i tunggu bus...two blocks from my stafford house,there's a church..normally,nobody goes there..not even once, i see someone walks into or walks out from the little church..never.
but today, for the very first time, i saw people coming out from the church.
not just a person.there were too many of them..
and i saw coffin.a coffin.yes, a keranda..i jalan dan jalan towards the bus stop...while my eyes, cant stopped looking at the crowd..everyone's wearing black...and there i saw a middle aged woman crying, sobbing and there's a guy, hugging her tightly to his chest...

i can see she's crying over her lost..
her beloved..
maybe her husband's in the coffin that i just saw..
or maybe her daughter..or her son..or her mom..or her dad..

and i sat there...looking at them..
feeling numb...
and before i realise...
i was crying...