Sunday, June 14, 2009

i need that.

i recently found out that i cant focus to a specific thing that im right now, im actually supposed to finish my assignment that needs to be submitted tomorrow!yes people.tomorrow!!and what the heck am i doing now?njcqkjdqhfbfjhb!

i cant focus!
and when im doing things i always ended up doing something else because im always off task..
hate it,but still, cant help it..

exam is coming very soon.real soon.and i need that focus.that attention.i think, i might have to wear that....u know,the thing that look like a big cone and wear it around your neck...u get what i mean?uff!!i dont care if u dont get it.

but i think i might need that big cone thing to stop me from looking at anything else other than my ALIN books and notes!seriously.


  1. aku perlukan kedai membaiki henpon!henpon ak rosak!

  2. la..
    yeke?patut aku msg x reply!!

  3. stress ke....relax akak...good luck 4 your exam