Thursday, February 12, 2009

i'm a blue panther~~

i saw my cousin,fifi did this on,i decided to give it a try..i turns out to be real good..eventhough there are 1 or 2 which don't really match with me..


You are Blue Panther, who is cheerful, lively and light hearted person.

You can keep reason and emotion at a good balance.

You are gentle and peaceful too.

You have deep and wide relationships with people, and there are some whom you would have a long relationship with.

You possess fashionable sense and are well dressed that make people turn around in the street.

You are not good at objective way of thinking.

You rely on your preferences, and the instinct of that moment.
Therefore you cannot accumulate plans.

You are also weak on making quick solutions and coming out with conclusions through careful and strict analysis.

You tend to not be able to find your life objective.

You find your objective through the situation you are in, and by the support of the people around you.

This makes your life divide into two sections, and there may be a possibility that you may lead a totally different life.

You are extremely sensitive and possess natural sense of instinct.

You think too much about people's opinion, and are always feeling unsettled.

You are a romantic sort of person in that you lead your life according to your beliefs rather than depending on talent and capability.

Even after you get married, you should keep your career that requires your good fashion sense.

You will be a good but rather obstinate wife and a mother.

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Characteristics & Personality

1. Panthers are uncompromising with honor and pride

2. Panthers like to be the center

3. Panthers want to talk about themselves

4. Panthers like new things

5. Panthers are smart dressers

6. Panthers like to change jobs

7. Panthers wear their feelings on their sleeve

8. Panthers are easily hurt

9. Panthers have a strong sense of justice

10. Panthers don't want to retire

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