Friday, February 20, 2009

first cut is the deepest...

there's a lot i need to update in this blog...but,first let me tell something that happened to me today...
this is how the story goes....

i'm having a seminar program starts at 9..i woke up at 8 and it was raining outside...i dont wanna go, but thinking that it's a sort of study and learning seminar,i finally changed my housemates and i,we got out from our apartment at about 845am and it was still raining..i brought my umbrella it was raining we decided to take the cable car from Lambton Quay to Salamanca station..we walked into the Lambton Square shortcut and heading downstairs by the escalator..that was where the accident was very slippery..i was rushing down the escalator and oOOPs!!!!the next thing i knew was i already lying on the staircases...with my back and my left arm aching..ouch!omg..that's hurt..i heard a kiwi speaking...haha...i was blur for a while and i sat there looking at my friends..i felt my arm hurt and when i uncover my arm,i found that it was bleeding...and that's when i started to cry....i cried along the way from Lambton Square to the Cable Car station...i wanna go home...i swear i never have this kind of cut in my life....eventhough i know it's not that bad but this is the worst cut in my life that i ever had...seriously...

when we arrived at the seminar room, there was no one there except for some people who're always early...and we found out that it's actually will be starting at 930am...shit!
if only i knew,i will not run down the escalator and had myself injured!seriously shit!


  1. kan ibu dah pesan, keluar awal 1 jam. x payah nak bkejar2. make sure buh ubat sampai luka kering....take care...luv u..

  2. sure u r homesick now..eheh
    get well cik fatin!!

  3. take care huda, next time be carefull

  4. lorr..ngeri gile.. ko ni..
    len kali hati2 ckit.. haha