Friday, September 11, 2009


like my ibu, i always have a good interest in flowers..hee...but of course, i don't have enough time, enough space, enough courage, enough semangat nak tanam pokok bunga sendiri...erti kate lain..(MALAS)..

i did mentioned how i love daisies so much...did i?or i didn't?
tell u something...I LOVE DAISIES!!
giv me daisies and i'll giv u my!kidding~

The flower daisy has the meaning of purity or innocence. you can giv someone daisies to show your loyal love too..=)

and since i'm feeling a little bit down thinking bout raya's problems that stopped me from dragging myself from one boutique to i miss home..the smell of those raya preparation,and all that stuff...i decided to get myself something.

and hell yeah....!!
so i did.guess what?

daisies of course!

and now i'm feeling happy again~

how this very simple little thing in life can make u irresistibly happy...
**big smile**

*****and the vase!!i made that myself..huhu..
*****i dunno why the fonts are quite mixed up here..hee..


  1. we used to plant daisies masa akak kecik2 dulu kan.....nanti ibu tanam balik :)