Friday, August 21, 2009

the sickest entry i ever wrote.

now that i know the real reason of my mom's latest entry...
this is for u boy..
dont worry,i won't mention your name..coz i've mentioned it once..
once is enough to make u feel the pain.
i'm sorry for u acting like that...
that's just too bad..real bad...
i never know u and u never know me..and obviously u never know my family..
so can u giv me a reason u acted like that?
saying those words and hurt other's feeling..?
do you think it's funny?
do you think people will laugh at everything u said?
it's not funny and i'm not laughing..
and in my own opinion, i would say, that words are actually resembling YOU, yes YOU!!
let me make it clear for u boy...
u did it's shame on you..
but if u did it twice, means again, if u still don't get what i mean.
u are really gonna pay for it.
get what i mean or you're just too slow to understand me?
enough now.and grow up.
don't go around and make fool with others.


  1. ape cte ni fatin? sape2? *nyebok* hee.. :p

  2. hehe..kontroversi x...haha..ade la budk kurg mtg ni said sthg bad...naughty ini budak....

  3. erk..u got an angel behind yah?..:p