Thursday, August 27, 2009


been busy with the teaching experience (T.E) lately..and this one is gonna be a long entry...

we were assigned to observe in Karori Normal school.
here we are..

at this school, i had to observe two year 3-4 class and a year 1 class. they are 9,10 and 5 years old..they were sooo cute...

there's this one boy, he showed me his secret book where he drew all his imaginary stuff and all and told me to keep it a, i won't tell u guys what's in there..=)

and in the 5 years old class, there's a boy, Regan. we had some conversations and he's sooo cute that i forgot to take a photo with him.dangg~he has a twin but sadly i forgot his name.and Regan and i talk and talk with his friend Thomas and Thomas.yes,there're 2 thomas in that class.and there's another one in the next class..coming back to the story, Regan and i sitting side by side and suddenly he said, "I don't know my mom." I was speechless and trying to find the right word."I don't know my mom.Do you know your mom?"he said again noticing me in you know how it felt when a kid asking you that kind of question?it's sad and disturbing. then i showed him my mom's photo and he smiled...owh.kecik2 dah kacak....

in another class, the students have to do a science project where they have to make an animal using newspaper.we called that paper mache and i dont know how to spell the mache..and there's this one boy, forgot his name (Im sooo bad in memorizing names) told me so many his mom got her legs fractured and cant his wrist got he loves butter chicken so much and he only loves malaysia coz malaysia has indians and indians have butter chicken and blah blah blah...

second day in Maidstone Intermediate School in Upper Hutt and it's 1 hour away from wellington and i dont really like it..
i was sitting at the back of the class observing them.and a boy from nowhere came in holding a book and a red paper.he talked with the teacher and he then quietly sat at the back near my place.he read a book but his hands were scratching on the red piece of's unfortunate for him that i was able to read what he was writing on the red was 'puberty'.

and owh, we went back early today...haha..

still in the Maidstone and haven't found anything fun, i asked my associate teacher if i could observe the performing arts class.and she said yes. and YES!
at least there's something interesting here...and i went into their drama or acting class..i love the fact that they've been exposed to these kind of things in early age where it's easy to learn anything.yes, anything!!
here, they learn world history, music instruments,acting,arts,cooking,everything in primary..
here's a video of their presentation of the day..just a short one coz this is the best among 3 groups.

it's about a sultan who's selfish, money loving and in need of a son.but his wife can't give him, he ordered the guard to kill one prisoner every morning until he found a wife that can give him a son...

fourth day in Thorndon Primary School just 10-15 minutes walk from my house.happy that i dont have to leave early for school anymore..=)
i have to observe a 5 years old class....owh.heaven...comel2 okay!

bestfriend forever..Rueben and leon.

that boy in red shirt, Isaac.he said I'm small...cisss...

they were playing 'mak-mak'...

Rebekah and Chante, the class hotties...seriously..

singing along.....

here is much better and i love the kids!

i thought it would be a bad day when i was assigned to observe the year 5-6 class..they're 9-10..big enough to say bad things to us.well, that was what i thought~ turned out that i love being with them...they gave me a daffodil and cards saying thank you and hoping i can stay with them.hixx...and they asked me to draw them something when i showed them my sketch book.each of them.and they talked with me, asking me lots of questions and they even want to learn bahasa melayu and insisted me to teach them.they wanted me to be their art teacher...haha..

they had their speech competition and all of them were amazing.

the daffodil they gave's daffodil day.evryone have to buy it.but i get it for free!!

the cards and drawings they gave me.i thought i've rotated it..huh.

the end...


  1. nape x ambik gmbr Regan tu? cian dia.....bawak baliklah!

  2. TE is so much fun!!!
    I'll be doing mine this monday for 3 weeks and I can't wait :D

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