Monday, December 28, 2009

when he's gone and i'm here alone


this may be something old and outdated to be my latest entry.

i've asked some people on what they think about papadom,the movie. i've asked my bestfriends and some of my relatives about it.and they said,it was ok.but i think it's something more than ok..and i salute afdlin for that.

for people like me,like my family,like us who had lost someone precious, the guy of the family, might see this movie in a different way...

i remembered when i was in NZ, i talked to my mum on the phone and she told me she went to watch papadom twice at the cinema..and she said,"kakak tengok cerita tu mesti kakak teringat ayah.."and i was really touched.yes i did,really.

and i dont know why am i writing this entry..and since when did i become a is actually my late father's birthday..and sitting alone here makes me thinking about him and realize how much i miss him...



  1. sadly, i havent watched papadom YET! anyway, al-fatihah for ur dad.. smoge die tenang di sane.. :)

  2. al-fatihah utk ayah n tq for the Papadom DVD

  3. fatin.. xtau pun pasal ayah ko. Bila? takziah eh.